James Ralph

Data Scientist

I'm James, and I specialize in data science, data engineering, and software engineering.

With over 5 years of hands-on experience, I've tackled complex problems in scientific research, electrical engineering, and finance.

My work involves creating reliable data pipelines, training machine learning models for valuable business insights, and collaborating with end users to find the best solutions for their data needs.


  1. 20192020

    • Implemented a novel magnetic modeling method from academia for a prototype sensor array
    • Created over 20 simulations for various thermal, magnetic, and electrical systems
    • Designed software to meet client’s magnetic simulation needs resulting in $250,000 contract extension


  1. Tool to visualize changes in the Black–Scholes model with respect to other variables. 2D or 3D data output. Can also be used to get current Greeks for a given option. European style options.

  2. A website built in gatsby.js with hosting and CI/CD provided by AWS Amplify

  3. Won 1st prize in the 2020 Princeton Micromouse competition using the A* algorithm implemented in Python

  4. A guide to configure Grafana with InfluxDB and Docker for system monitoring

  5. An article about using the TBATS algorithm to forecast time series data

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